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Criminal + Human Rights Barrister in the making, with a flare for politics. A younger 'Laura Roslin. Fangirl of far too many fandoms and royal families.

This is not a spoiler free blog.

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'What does Battlestar Galactica mean to you?'

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Space Sisters ROCK! Mary and Jeri and me 


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Battlestar Galactica Panel DragonCon 2014 

Again, sorry the quality isn’t better. We were about 15 rows back, but still very close. There were 1500 people there! Short video forthcoming. And yes, Mary is wearing her actual Laura costume from the show.

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Behind the Scenes of Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode: Caretaker

Photo 1: Sharing a break in the filming, veteran director Rick Kolbe discusses the next shot with the new captain and the crew.

Photo 2: The script called for the Voyager crew to escape to the surface via a hole in the ground. However, it’s up to the Voyager production crew to dig the hole.

Photo 3: The hole is completed in time for Voyager’s crew to emerge onto the surface. Just left to hole, director Rick Kolbe checks the camera angle.

Photo 4: On location, during filming for the pilot. Even on location, in the middle of the desert, the director’s chairs are sacrosanct.

Photo 5: Rich Kolbe pauses to share some insights with Kate Mulgrew.

Taken from “A Vision of The Future: Star Trek Voyager” Stephen Edward Poe 1998 - Photos by Robbie Robinson. (X)

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Savannah met Mary!!!


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Loving Mary McDonnell and Tricia Helfer on the BSG panel! Mary wore one of her actual Roslin suits!!

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Space Sisters ROCK! Mary and Jeri and me 


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